Mrs. Whitmore hangs the show at Harvard this year.

Mrs. Lebel helps keep the artwork straight.

Partial view of the middle hallway of the show

Visitors enjoy the opening at Harvard's Fogg Museum.

Mr. Osborne, Principal of the Brown School

Brown School Faculty Fabulous Fakers

Fabulous Fakes by the Brown School faculty

Mrs. Whitmore and Mrs. Galvin

Mr. Geanoulis shows off his Fablous Fake

Ms. Brown's interpretation of Raphael and the Fornarina

Mrs. Galvin's interpretation of Geraniums by Henri Matisse

Ms. Conant speaks to the Spring House audience.

Brown School Exhibit

Mrs. Whitmore and her Fabulous Fake

Ms. Stanton, Mrs. Whitmore and Mr. McGeney in 2001

Ms. Nolan's interpretation of Still Life with Apples

Mrs. Whitmore speaks at Spring House in 2000.

Mrs. W. discusses the nature of color reproduction.

Visitors enjoy the opening at Harvard's Fogg Museum.

Students listen to the docent during their annual field trip.