The Fabulous Fakes is an integrated modular educational project encouraging inspired artwork by kids. Students interpret established works of art by producing their own original art and poetry.

The Fabulous Fakes provides students the opportunity to make their own creative choices. They choose the image, they select the medium, they pick a poem theme. This project acknowledges the student's creative voice. There is no "right" or "wrong". The Fabulous Fakes is magic, a seemingly quiet, reserved student writes a wild edgy poem inspired by Picasso's "Mother and Child" or the class noisemaker is tamed by interpreting a beautifully lit Renaissance portrait.

Creativity generated through the art-making process enhances the study of other subjects in an educationally meaningful way. Students must understand that subjects studied in school are connected to each other and to the real world. The body of work produced from The Fabulous Fakes helps students realize this relativity while acquiring such life skills as cognitive thinking, aesthetic judgment, common sense, creativity and risk taking.

The Fabulous Fakes project provides a safe platform for students to have their voices heard.

Photo by Lynne Stanton, text ©2002 Deb Whitmore